While government funding and other sources cover the basics for our residents' needs, many items essential to their quality of life are not. Thanks to the generous support of the Tee Off for Tots Golf Tournament, we are able to do so much more for our children.
Where Your Money Goes

You can truly make a difference.

ALL PROCEEDS from the Tournament benefit the children of the Pediatric Unit. Examples of items we have purchased with Tournament fundraising include:

  • A wheelchair van that can accommodate 14 children (6 wheelchairs and 8 seats. The Tournament funds also cover the ongoing cost of gas and maintenance.)
  • Specialized wheelchairs -- $5,000+ each
  • Adaptive equipment for occupational therapy such as therapeutic swing.
  • Design and furnishing of a Family Room for visiting families.
  • A sensory stimulating classroom for the children to play in, watch movies, and also where visiting teachers can instruct the children
  • Annual field trips for the children including the Buffalo Zoo, Fantasy Island, Marina, Mall, Beach, Ms. Buffalo Boat ride
  • Air conditioners for each child's room -- there is no central air in the Unit.
  • TV/DVD players for each child's room.
  • Direct TV for the Solarium so the children can watch Disney Channel, Nickelodeon etc.
  • Clothing allowances that help meet their needs for many changes of clothes during any given day
  • A large wooden planter box for the courtyard where the children plant flowers and vegetables and help maintain it throughout the summer.
  • Special parties and hiring of entertainers such as clowns and musicians
  • A yearly Christmas party with a visit from Santa as well as the purchase of Christmas gifts for each child.
These are just a few of the important items our golf tournament provides. Our needs are great throughout the year. Donations are always welcome.
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